Luxury Escorts Etiquette

To give you the perfect experience with the girls, we will try to give you some guide lines for etiquette.

  • Remember the girls always smells good and make a lot of their intimate hygiene. Of course they demand the same from you. So make sure to take a shower before she arrives, unless you want to shower with her.

  • Be polite when the girl gets there, offer her a place to sit and something to drink.
  • Make sure to pay within the first 5 minutes so you can relax together and enjoy each other.
  • Be open and tell the girl what you have in mind.
  • The girls are all different and have different limits. Please respect these.
  • The girls wish to separate their private life from the business, so please respect that she doesn't want to meet in private in any way or exchange phone numbers.
  • The girls you book are similar to the girls you meet on the street. They are all human and want to be treated with respect.
  • Think about if one hour is enough, or if you will need more time with the girl.

We hope this guide will help you to have a wonderful experience with one of our girls. For a more detailed description of how we work, please contact us.